Chronotope Temporary Association is a theater group the existence of which is based on the process of constant changes.
Today we are doing theater where the process is more important than the result and where the stronger components of our perfomances are fragility, uncertainty, and temporality.
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To forget

A poetic performance about the life and death of Sergei Parajanov and about ourselves..
June 22.
Mher Mkrtchyan theatre 19:30
Current projects
Anna's Garden.
Performance under a tree
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Three colors. Apricot
Сhronotope is based in Yerevan and continues to create shows, performances, online events and international projects around the world.
A performance that contains the beauty, horror, fragility and irony of reality, from which it flows and to which it returns.
A performance about Xronotope Temporary Association failing to make a performance based on David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest — first because of the pandemic, then — the war. The performance that didn’t happen turns out to be the perfect form for the infinite process of performative realities intertwining.
We gathered with the actors of the National Theatre in Yerevan and watched the series of films by Krzysztof Kieślowski: "Blue", "White", "Red". The narrative brought everyone to their own biography...
Michael Craig Martin’s Oak
A performance for those who do not believe in illusions and constantly ask themselves: Who am I? Who are you? Are the events happening around us real?
Universe Unformatted
The performance consists of poems by Yuri Smirnov, a Ukrainian poet. These poems strive to paralyze and rearrange the world.

The performance is held online via Zoom.
*Moranal — Armenian — "To Forget".
"To Forget" is a performance celebrating the life and art of Sergei Parajanov. The play and its aesthetic imagery are connected by an existential rhyme to Parajanov’s films, collages, and biography
Constitution of Metarussia”
"The Constitution of Metarossia" is a play about how identity is preserved outside the usual, local logic. How to maintain a clear outline when entering into diffusion with a new cultural environment. How to reinvent yourself by being yourself. How not to lose your appetite, the desire to live and do something during the war of everyone with everyone.
Hell is me
An explosive mix of frightening stories, uncontainable emotions and bitter self-irony. A journey to the nine circles of consciousness of the author who dreams to write an impossible piece.
Guilty Pleasure
A research of reincarnation of Dostoyevsky’s texts and imagery in modern popular culture.
The writer’s works move through time, change form, distort, gain new meanings.
The performance is a journey, a performance on the road and about the road. A performance created in the age of new technologies and speeds, when you can get to another continent in a few hours.
The Trials of John Demjanjuk:

The play is based on the real trial of John Demjanjuk, a US citizen of Ukrainian origin. It is known that in 1942 the Soviet soldier Ivan Demjanjuk was captured as a POW, and after the end of the war he emigrated to America as a "victim of the fascist regime".
Holocaust сabaret

Nowadays the Temporary Association team is constantly changing and consists of people located in different countries and time zones.

These are artists, directors, producers, playwrights, sound designers, and people without any professional identity.
  • Artem Arsenyan
    Producer, marketing and digital media specialist. Head of marketing for "Access Point" and "New European Theatre" festivals, co-founder of "Ploschadka" theatre, producer for "Etude Theatre" and "Organisms Theatre", co-organizer of street performance "Crone route" based on the works of Daniil Kharms.
    On several occasions his projects became "Golden Mask" nominees.
    Performance "School simulator" by the "Access Point" festival won a Golden Mask in 2022 in "Experiment" category.
  • Ilya Moschitsky
    Director; has created productions for academic and state theatres, as well as independent, experimental venues.

    Winner of Breakthrough Award in the Best Director nomination for his production of The trial of John Demianiuk. The Holocaust Cabaret (2018).

    The Golden Mask nominee for his production of The Book of unrest (2022).
  • Victorya Bagoyan
    Independent producer. Collaborated with «TEGH» foundation for psychological and cultural connection is a non-profit organization, Sos Theatre Armenia and Opera studio of Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory.
  • Maria Sloeva
    Theatre Producer and curator.
    As an independent producer, Maria collaborated with Philharmonie de Paris, Macao Cultural Center, with theatres and performers in France. Switzerland, Germany, Czech and China.
  • Esther Bol
    Playwright. Author of texts for two Chronotope performances. Perhaps there will be more in the future.
  • Dmitry Saratsky
    Composer and sound producer.
    Founder of the "Chess Records" studio. Lives and works in Kyiv, writes music for performances and films around the world.

  • Maria Seiranyan
  • Aelita Gevorkyan
  • Andranik Mikaelyan
  • Janna Velicyan
  • Ekaterina Kramarenko
  • Alisher Umarov
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