23 февраля
19:00 по Киеву
Performance in Zoom based on poems by Yuri Smirnov. Ukrainian poet from Kropyvnytskyi, who writes great texts in Russian today.
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About the perfomance
Yuri Smirnov's poems are not about something, but SOMETHING itself... this is war, death, love, hunger, destruction, despair, hope, despair, hope, despair, hope, cold, love, delirium, pain, God, the days of this year, the nights of this year, the voids of this year are no longer filled...

Now we read the most tender, bitter, terrible and piercing poems of Yura Smirnov, being on different continents, in different countries and time zones.

We will meet on Zoom. Already in touch, we will voice the necessary information about how the performance space is structured and how to distribute ourselves in it, then we will begin.

In the performance, we strive to create a special space for the sound of texts, to start time in such a way that the poems become audible, to remove everything unnecessary, to leave an airless environment in which rarefied time and silence would create the opportunity for their existence and direct contact with each listener.

The performance is performed for donations. It will be possible to transfer any amount via a link in the Zoom chat.
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