September 11, 19:00
Performance under a tree
Anna's garden
Performance under a tree
Anna's garden
June 9-10, July 1-2, 19:00
About the performance
A performance about the chaos of the world around us, about beauty and danger, crime, war, about the opportunity to choose one's place in the surrounding reality, and about the fact that the availability of choice is different for everyone and is determined by the fact of birth, family, wealth, geographical position and the political situation of a particular region. About how little we can control and about what we would do if we had this control. This is a performance about feminism and patriarchy, responsibility, interconnectedness and transparency. About the fact that the world does not care about our existence, but this does not make it less amazing and wonderful.
The performance is 2 hours long
100 cherry trees and garden serenity
You need headphones and a fully charged phone with Internet access
English teaser
Armenian trailer
Funded by the Stabilisation Fund — An initiative to support cultural and educational organisations in Ukraine, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe and Central Asia affected by the impact of the Ukraine war.
Kaizen Garden
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