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Constitution of
About the performance
The play “The Constitution of Metarussia” performatizes the situation of film screening and invites a joint discussion about how identity is preserved outside the usual, local logic.

The performance consists of two parts. In the first part, viewers watch the film “The Constitution of Metarussia”; in the second part, the presenter of the film screening discusses it with the actress involved in the film. He asks questions, doubts, tries to understand, receives sharp, strange, smart, mysterious, perky answers. As the action progresses, the parts intertwine with each other.

“The Constitution of Metarussia” is a performance about how identity is preserved outside the usual, local logic. How to maintain a clear outline when entering into diffusion with a new cultural environment. How to reinvent yourself by being yourself. How not to lose your appetite, the desire to live and do something during the war of everyone with everyone.

Metarussia is a space that lies on top of existing borders, states and regimes.

From the point of view of the emotional register, the Constitution of Metarussia is between a joke and a dream. We joke, but seriously. Metarussia is an attempt to create a political theory that would be based on humor. Because we have come to this point due to a lack of humor and general seriousness.

Metarussia is a revolution of mood.
Constitution of Metarussia. Trailer.
Constitution of Metarussia. Teaser.
The Loft, Yerevan. Moskovyan 3.
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